If you build it, they will come.

By June 5, 2018Articles, Youth

Epiphany has a vision to build. It’s not a brick-and-mortar project. Instead, it’s something we’re building with the bonds of family, friendship, and good neighboring. We want to build a “third place”—a social space between work and home where unrelated people can relate. We want to use Epiphany’s property and resources to equip people for self-giving service to their neighbors beyond the stone walls of Epiphany. This involves projects like building a neighborhood “rumble ball pit.”

Sometimes it’s called “Ga-Ga Ball.” Ga-ga means “touch-touch” in modern Hebrew. Apparently, the game originated in a Jewish community in Australia. It’s a fast-paced, high energy game played in an octagonal pit (basically a kinder version of dodgeball, which means you’re less likely to take a ball to the beak). If you visit the blacktop playground at Woerner Elementary during a school recess, you’ll get to see it in action. And if school’s out, you could even join in on a game because the whole community has access to it.

On April 29th, grey-t-shirted representatives of Jesus from Epiphany partnered with Holly Hills Neighbors to build it. We are grateful for the community partners who donated to make this possible: Alderwoman Beth Murphy, Steve Butz (Crawford & Butz Insurance), Mel’s Auto Service, Borgemeyer Dentistry, Dan Rataj (State Farm Agent), and the Holly Hills Improvement Association all teamed with Epiphany to fund the project.

For three years now, the people of Epiphany have been saying we want to partner with Woerner School and all willing neighbors to do good for our community. Building a rumble ball pit is another small, but important effort in putting our neighbors’ needs before our own. This is what the Bible calls sacrificial love. We want everyone to experience receiving, giving, and living this kind of love. Why? Because we have come to know sacrificial-love-in-person: Jesus.

To our friends at Epiphany,

Thank you so much for your generous support in helping us construct a rumble ball pit. The students love it!

Staff & Students at Woerner School