Have you ever played Apples to Apples?

It’s a word association game. One player, the judge, lays down a Green Card with an adjective, like “Majestic.” The other players each lay down a Red Card with a common or proper noun, like “Rocky Mountains,” “My Bathroom,” “The Ocean,” or “Elton John.” Then the judge decides which Red Card matches best with their Green Card.

The key to playing the game well is personal knowledge of the judge. It’s not what you think is the best choice. It all comes down to knowing the judge.

Personal knowledge is more than “head knowledge.” It comes from spending time with another person. Through shared experiences, we come to personally know someone—what cracks them up or sicks them out, what they love and what they hate.

Learning the Christian faith is like that because we’re getting to know a person—Jesus of Nazareth, who is also the eternal Son of God. We’re not merely learning facts and figures, as we might learn Algebra or Geography. We are getting to more deeply know the infinite, majestic, one true God through his Son. This God has acted and is still acting in history, so facts and figures are important. But they are a means to a greater end: personal knowledge of the Creator of the universe.

In this sense, Christians are called to be life-long learners. At Epiphany, there are many opportunities to learn the faith. Call or email the church office for a current list of learning opportunities. To learn more, check out this article by Pastor Zeigler: “Up Close and Personal.”