We are a church that reflects our neighborhood of Holly Hills. We are a multigenerational and multicultural congregation. We are made up of people born and raised in South Saint Louis, transplants to the area, and immigrants from around the world. We are a welcoming and friendly group and we love meeting new people.


Here at Epiphany, we seek to live lives that reflect a biblical understanding of fellowship. This is evident in everything we do. During a Sunday morning service, we sit together in the pews so we can have a more interactive conversation with the Pastor during the sermon. We stay after church to have light refreshments, to catch up with each other, and to grow in our understanding of the Bible. Throughout the week, we gather for meals, coffee, and continued growth in learning how to live out our faith.


We desire to be a place where the community can come together and be drawn closer to Jesus, either directly through an event like a Wednesday night worship service, or indirectly by an event like an ESL class. We strive to be a light in the Holly Hills neighborhood that reflects Jesus’ love to all people, no matter what their relationship is to Him.

As part of our outreach to the community, we are intentional in our efforts to be good neighbors to Woerner Elementary School. We host events for their students and families and try to be a blessing to them throughout the school year. We want to be a people that serve God in the location that He has put us in. We learn how to do that daily in our own lives and we do it on a corporate scale through our relationship to Woerner.