Epiphany Hair & Care is a ministry of Epiphany Lutheran to engage with our community through a first-rate salon in our church.

Epiphany Hair & Care has been founded on three core values: LISTEN, UPLIFT, and BEAUTIFY.

Hair stylists are often the best listeners, often doubling as a counselor. We decided to listen to the needs and expertise of local stylists. We crafted a plan to engage with those who cannot fit into a traditional setting for their haircut.

Our goal is to uplift our community. Through a simple service like a haircut, we are uplifting people in our community. Stylists are uplifted with opportunities to serve and side revenue streams. Our community is uplifted with fellowship, connection to a church, and a free service. Epiphany Lutheran is uplifted in faith by showing the love of Jesus by being His hands and feet to those around us.

As God has put beauty in His creation, we seek to bring beauty in the world. God’s story unfolding on Earth is one of redemption and hope. As followers of Jesus, we look forward to the day where God will redeem His creation and bring beauty to all things. In the meantime, we see the power of individuals feeling confident in their outward appearance and realizing their unique beauty.

By God’s grace, Epiphany Hair & Care has currently developed three major programs that utilize the salon space. Drawing upon our strong relationship with Woerner Elementary and surrounding community, we regularly offer free haircuts for the students and staff of the school. African Hair Braiding is a special program that incorporates new people, some of which are associated with Christian Friends of New Americans who welcome immigrants into the United States. Our final program offers haircuts to individuals who have been diagnosed with Neurodivergence from trained stylists who specialize in this service. Modifications are made to the salon to accommodate these individuals.

We look forward to continuing and expanding this ministry to bless and serve others in Jesus’ name! We would love to have you volunteer, donate, or keep the ministry in your personal prayers.