Our History with Woerner Elementary

The members of Epiphany desire to have a positive impact on our community and share the love of Christ. Through our partnership with Woerner Elementary School, we are able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of children in our community, as well as their families and the Woerner staff. We are also able to share the love of Christ with the unchurched, persons of different religions/beliefs, and those in need.

Woerner Elementary is a neighborhood school with a very diverse population. Many of its students are from immigrant and refugee families, representing 23 countries from around the world. In addition, like most neighborhood schools, many of the students come from families who are struggling financially.

The roots of Epiphany’s partnership with Woerner Elementary go back more than 80 years when the congregation met in Woerner’s basement during the construction of our church building. We even have some members who attended Woerner Elementary as children.

Our on-going events and ministries include:

Annual Ice Cream Social: Every August, we invite the community to help welcome the children, their families, and the Woerner staff, back to school. With ice cream, live music, games, and other goodies, we aim to bring the community together and start the school year off on a sweet note.

Woerner Ballet: Woerner desires to offer its students as many experiences and opportunities that it can, however space and finances are always at a premium. Epiphany was able to step in and provide a space for the ballet program to operate and as a bonus, provide a beautiful stage for the students to perform on and snacks for the children to enjoy after class. Each year, parents cram into our fellowship hall to see their students perform. There are few times throughout the year that our fellowship hall is filled with that many people.

Reading Buddies & Tutors: Pastor Tim and a number of our members volunteer to be Reading Buddies and/or provide tutoring for students.

Teacher Appreciation: There is no doubt that teachers work hard and deserve all the thanks that we can give them. Each year, we try to show our appreciation to the Woerner staff with a luncheon, cookie trays, or other treats.

School Activities: Through our budgeted Community Engagement funds, a Community Relief grant from the Lutheran Foundation, and volunteer hours from Epiphany members we have been able to assist Woerner in hosting a Fall Festival, a STEM night, and a Field Day. These events provided Woerner with the opportunity to provide their students and families with new experiences, a sense of community, resources, skills, and memories. We continue to use these funds to meet the changing needs of the Woerner community.

Material and Financial Needs: During the fall, we collect hats, coats, and mittens for the children of Woerner. These items are given to children who come to school without them on cold days so that they will be warm during recess and as they return home. Any items leftover at the end of the school year are given directly to parents to help them prepare for the coming winter season. We also help make Christmas special for Woerner families by collecting gifts for families in need, through our Sharing Tree or other needs as specified by Principal Matthews. Finally, through our budget and grants from the Lutheran Foundation, we assist Woerner families in dire financial need (as identified by the school leadership) by providing funds to pay rent, utilities, etc.

In 2023, we were recognized as a ‘Saint Louis Public Schools Faith Based Partner of the Year’. We look forward to maintaining our partnership with Woerner and developing new ways to serve our community through them.