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English as a Second Language Classes

By May 6, 2021Events

We were planning to resume our ESL classes in August of 2021 however we have made the decision to postpone until August of 2022.  Please contact the church office at church@elcstl.org or 314-752-7065 for more information or with questions.


  • Free English Classes & Fellowship
  • Wednesdays from 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
  • Enjoy meeting new people during social hour.
  • Teach us your traditions and culture while learning ours.
  • Child care provided during classes.
  • Refreshments for children and adults.
  • Basic English and vocabulary building
  • Conversation and life skills. 

Volunteers Needed

Volunteer training will be scheduled the week before the first class.

We’re looking for volunteers to serve as English conversation partners, substitute teachers, and nursery workers.

Volunteer training will be scheduled the week before the first class.

You don’t need to be a member of Epiphany to volunteer. We want to partner with all people of peace who want to do good in our community.

We interviewed volunteers from last year and asked them, “Did you develop any new friendships?”Diane said:

“I have gained a very dear friend. The first time she came for class we just clicked. She is a very warm and caring person. She invited me to her home and we’ve had lunch twice. Each time she has made way too much food because she wants to share all the foods that represent her country. I have met her children and they compete for my attention. They love having company! She has shared some very personal things with me and I feel honored to have gained her trust.”

Rhonda shared:

“Not, long after we started classes I was asked to pick-up one of the ladies from Afghanistan and her two small children. On our rides, I found out that her husband was teaching her to drive, that she loved to cook, and that she missed her parents very much. We developed the bond of friendship, it didn’t matter I was old enough to be her grandmother, or that we couldn’t understand everything we said to each other. Our cultures and religions are different and she was in a church for the first time when attending our classes.”

Lynn answered:

“Every face you see has a story to tell and their stories are filled with courage, hard work and sometimes loneliness. They have left families behind, traveled far and many were married at the young age of 13. One day they wanted to put hijabs (head coverings) on us. When they removed theirs one of the young ladies had dyed her hair red! One shared she likes to teach Arabic Zumba. One shared she loves make-up. In many ways, we are more alike than different. When we were discussing members of the family. I shared I have no sisters, only four brothers and that made me sad. I would have liked a sister. They said they would be my sisters!”

Lynn, who is not a member of Epiphany, also shared this: “I have been blessed by being accepted and included by the most amazing group of people!”

How do the students feel about ESL at Epiphany?

Diane said, “My new friend told me that she likes coming to our church because we are sincere about helping people . . . at Epiphany she feels we are just trying to help them. They feel safe with us.”

If you’d like to help or get more information, email the church office at church@elcstl.org or call 314-752-7065.